Monday, 11 July 2011

2006 Match Attax

The first cards to appear with Attax branding were in 2006. The 2006 Match Attax 'game' was released in connection with the 2006 World Cup. The cards are an unusual shape so that two cards can fit together whilst playing the game. They have a simple design featuring a colour picture, name and position, an attack and defence rating and they were printed on very thin card stock.
There are 175 card in the complete base set, which included 17 foil cards.
There were 6 Legends cards, 3 checklists and limited edition Theo Walcott.
The Walcott was issued on a limited run of 130,000 cards with PlayStation 2 magazine. The magazine announced this when Theo was a surprise inclusion in the England squad.

The cards were available in packets of 5 cards and could be purchased for 40p per packet.

The rare collectors tin contain 3 booster packs. The tins came in two variations featuring four players on the front:
version 1-Ashley Cole, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard
version 2 -Michael Owen, David Beckham, Steve Gerrard and John Terry.

Although there were no limited edition cards in packets. There were 6 Legend cards available through contacting Topps. The cards could be obtained only this way. The legend parallel set were of exactly the same design as the base set, except for the added and no position is featured, just Legend. Available were:

1 Pele
2 Johan Cruyff
3 Diego Maradona
4 George Best
5 Franz Beckenbauer
6 Bobby Moore

There is a 'How to play' booklet available as well.

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